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tataME Bed Luxury Memory Foam Mattress


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tataME™, the name is inspired by the traditional Japanese tatami mat once considered a luxury item for the ancient nobility and highest aristocrats is now a luxury memory foam mattress for your home. The unique low profile 3-layer reversible design offers:

  • Soft Jelly-foam cushioning memory foam top layer for quilted softness and helps to minimize sleep disturbances from body movement
  • A middle ventilated layer helps evenly distribute body weight without losing support to help enhance proper body alignment during sleep
  • A resistance response foam bottom layer offering a more “firm” feel that contours to the body while offering support.

The “reversible” aspect of this light and mobile bed allows sleeper to choose to sleep on either a “soft” quilted top or a more “firm” support side. The tataME™ Bed can be easily placed on floor, platforms, bunk beds, box springs or existing mattresses and, since it is much lighter than most mattresses, an added benefit is Mobility – Easy for moving or rearranging in your house, even by just one person. With its lightweight 5″ profile, it can also be used as a luxurious mattress topper.

The tataME™ Bed is ventilated to help reduce heat build-up and provides a removable, machine washable cover.

Parameter Value
Dimensions 42 x 15 x 15 in